FluidHub for Mobility Service Providers.

Powering the Integrated Mobility and MaaS ecosystem.


Full support for MSPs powered by FluidHub.

FluidHub enables access to all relevant transport service interfaces in one platform. It simplifies the development of new mobility services considerably. Thanks to a substantially lower integration effort and the enabling of combined mobility packages, new business opportunities can be pursued. FluidHub helps with achieving valuable reseller-agreements and ensures transparent MSP-centric request statistics. In addition, a growing list of global transport services is integrated default.

Many ways to build on FluidHub.

Locally established services can extend their business by adding transport services to their portfolio. Supported use cases include among others intermodal mobility information, booking and payment schemes for transport services or gathering user requests and feedback.

FluidHub also enables added value for corporate Mobility Service Providers. Employees can access available mobility services, book and pay for transport services like taxis, car and bike sharing, parking or public transportation without cash. Companies can also reduce their administrative workload while handling various mobility options flexibly.

FluidHub for MSP.

Provide mobility packages to customers, employees and travellers.

The following benefits and goals can be achieved.

  • Single point of contact to establish a local mobility service.
  • Reduce the time to service by avoiding complex data integration and through simplified contracting.
  • Build on integrated configurable mobility services. Access comprehensive statistics regarding marketplace requests. 
  • Add value to a business or create an entirely new business model.
  • Facilitate access to the mobility domain as an additional service for pre-existing end-user services. 
  • Expand the mobility service established in an area adding complementary modes of transport.