FluidHub for Smart Cities & Regions.

Powering the Integrated Mobility and MaaS ecosystem.

App mit Strassenbahn und Zug

Mobility in flux.

The future of mobility lies in the sustainable use and enablement of mobility as a service. This includes not only integrated mobility, like integrating several transportation services, real-time information and booking and payment, into one service but also added values for smart cities, transportation service providers and mobility service providers. Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is an emerging subject in the transport sector and targets to make travelling for users and passengers as convenient as possible.

Establishing state-of-the-art integrated mobility networks in cities and regions.

FluidHub is an all-in-one cloud-based marketplace: it integrates the large variety of transport modes available in modern metropolitan areas into customisable mobility service packages. It supports mobility stakeholders in building up a sustainable MaaS ecosystem that can cope with today’s transport challenges in urban as well as rural areas. FluidHub offers an innovative toolbox to assist cities and regional authorities during the implementation of sustainable integrated mobility measures.


The Platform Service Operator for Integrated Mobility and MaaS.

The FluidHub service enables cities to set up a technical and commercial ecosystem for the deployment of integrated mobility services. The platform links traveller demand with mobility services, providing options for more efficient, affordable and green mobility. FluidHub enables an open marketplace where all mobility services within a given city or region can be integrated into one place, including for first/last mile.