FluidHub for Transport Service Providers.

Integrating and optimising transport services.


Full support for TSPs powered by FluiHub.

Increasing the use of exisiting offerings is a key objective of a successful transport service. By including the available transport offerings into the FluidHub local marketplace, the reach and visibility can be substantially increased. The platform distinguishes between different levels of integration – from information, booking, and access to payment – giving Transport Service Providers the flexibility to gradually provide additional services. 

From integration to optimisation of transport.

Integration: On the first level, all transport modes are integrated to enable multi-modal services. 

Combination: By merging transport services into a combines offer, intermodal door-to-door trips become possible (include single multi-ticket booking).

Optimisation: Based on the current mobility demand, optimised route options are supposed also considering the user‘s mobility package and on-demand services.


Reach more customers with an extended mobility network.

The following benefits and goals can be achieved.

  • Increased local market visibility for own transport services.
  • Winning new customers through additional Mobility Service Providers.
  • Embedding the transport service as a substantial element of the local urban transport system and MaaS package.
  • Enable flexible pricing schemes.
  • Acess detailed statistics regarding customer demand.
  • Optimise publicly subsidised transport services by offering on-demand ride sharing.
  • Facilitate the cooperation with other Transport Service Providers to provide a complementary service.
  • Create combined tariffs with complementary flexible pricing schemes.
  • Improve contract management with additional Mobility Service Providers.

FluidHub supports following mobility modes.