Das Transportwesen in Finnland verändert sich durch ein neues Gesetz

By January 1, Finnish mobility service providers are obliged to make all essential data on its services available via an open interface. Travel routes, stops, timetables prices as well as ticketing and payment – all relevant information is publicly available now. For the transport market this means above all: various opportunities.

The opening of transport service interfaces will change mobility in Finland fundamentally. Transport services won’t need to compete for customers and market shares on their own anymore. On the contrary, the trend is definitely towards smart integrated mobility. The collaboration between transport service providers and mobility service providers will be intensified, as all private and public mobility offerings in Finland can be integrated seamlessly on mobility platforms. It is a matter of offering a seamless comprehensive service for travelers, starting with the ideal route from A to B considering personal preferences (fast, comfortable, cheap, eco-friendly), route recommendations depending on traffic and weather as well as online-bookings and payments for the whole route. In this way, existing transport services improve their offering and focus more on their main target group: end-users.


A whole country as MaaS incubator

Especially startups and companies, that have yet not launched a mobility service, benefit from the digitalization. They can use data of various transport services to become a market player introducing new technologies based on innovative business models. Due to the new Act of Transport, startups experience an easier access to the market, where they can turn their ideas into actions.

Finland is heading towards a bride variety of new mobility services, where residents, the mobility market and the environment will benefit from. New mobility services may be an incentive for people to find a suitable alternative for private cars. By considering the success of ongoing MaaS pilot projects, residents are just looking for transport modes, that fit to their needs, in order to change their way of travel.


The new Act of Transport summed up in brief:

  • Regardless of the mode of transport, transport service providers shall provide access to all essential data via an open interface.
  • Ticketing and Sale interfaces shall become interoperable by providing information about the ticket price for a single trip and insights to the reservation of transportation, which will be paid after the service has been provided (e.g. ridesharing).
  • Public procurements shall become more interoperable by outlining obligations service providers have to fulfill as well as verifying travel rights based on the ticket products of the service providers.
  • Data offered via an open interface, as well as support services, terms and conditions of use, software, licenses and other services shall be accessible easily on fair conditions
  • Service providers ensure that their services are compatible with other similar services to enable the development of travel chains.
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