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Free special need transportation can be booked for private rides to increase utilisation rates. For the booking processes, Fluidtime builds a cloud-based mobility market place. The pilot is scheduled to launch at the beginning of 2018.

Fluidtime, a Kapsch Group company, SITO and the Finnish smart mobility start-up Vinka optimise the use of special needs transportation by creating a shared-last-mile-mobility service for the client Helsinki Business Hub. Within the project, Fluidtime is responsible for the development of the infrastructure, offering the services through a cloud-based market place to the users. By acting as an interface between the app users, the mobility service provider SITO and the transport service HSL, Fluidtime uses its cloud-based service solution FluidHub for the data management.

Projekte-von-Fluidtime - Fluidtime-fuer-Helsinki-Business-Hub_6.pngHow to use the mobility solution

The mobility app allows travellers to book a ride for short distances, for example, to go to work or go home. The expenses for the shared ride are set at a competitive price and have to be paid in the app. Only vehicles nearby, or without a special transport need (eg: the elderly, disabled or sick people) and student transports are displayed in the app at this time. Thus, residents get access to a new, affordable door-to-door service.

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