UbiGo ist die neue MaaS Loesung die auf Fluidtime Technologie baut

The MaaS solution UbiGo will be relaunched in Stockholm in the beginning of 2018. Fluidtime is responsible for the data management and development of IT infrastructure.

Austrian IT supplier Fluidtime and Swedish start-up UbiGo join forces to speed up the implementation of Mobility-as-a-Service operations in Sweden. A full roll-out in Stockholm is envisaged, starting with a pilot during 2018 as the first step. The complete technical implementation of UbiGo is made by Fluidtime.

Subscription on a wide range of mobility

The mobility App UbiGo combines public transport, car-sharing, rental car services and taxi to one intermodal on-demand mobility service. It is based on a flexible monthly subscription with an account that is shared among all members of a household, easy to top up and with the option to save what has not been used to the next month. The service offers an easy and sustainable everyday life without having to own a car.

For more information, go to Current projects or visit www.ubigo.se!

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