Fluidtime on the go.

When you can meet us at which events.

Fluidtime is often on the move and regularly attends leading conferences and congresses focusing on mobility, transport solutions and traffic management. We would like to maintain the relationship with our existing partners and customers and always seek contact with new stakeholders at events. Take the opportunity and meet us in person. The overview tells you when and where you can find us. We look forward to your visit!

Upcoming Events

  • BVL 3. Wiener Logistik Tag & Smart Urban Logistics day

    04. December | Vienna

    As speaker on site: Michael Kieslinger, CEO

  • ITS Forum 2019

    16. January | Oslo

    Presentation by Anton Fitzthum ( Sales & Business Development)

  • ATEC ITS France

    23.-24. January | Paris

    Kapsch TrafficCom France presents MaaS solutions by Fluidtime

  • Fluidtime Symposium 2019

    16.-17. Mai | Vienna

    More information about the Fluidtime Symposium 2019 you will find on the eventpage.

Past events

  • Polis Conference

    22.-23. November | Manchester

    Presentation on the joint MaaS project of Fluidtime and the City of Aarhus. Presented by Gustav Friis, City of Aarhus.
    Title: The journey to MaaS – An Austrian Danish approach

  • Smart Country Convention

    20. November | Berlin

    Presentation on site: Anton Fitzthum, Sales & Business Development

  • MaaS Alliance Plenary Meeting

    14. November | Barcelona

  • Smart City Expo World Congress

    13.-15. November | Barcelona

  • Wocomoco

    06.-07. November | Rotterdam

  • ITS Austria Conference

    23. October | Vienna

    On site: Gregor-Alexander Petri, Sales & Business Development

  • CSA Carsharing Conference

    16.-17. October | Paris

    On site: Natalie Weber, Partner Manager

  • Future Mobility – & Urban Development Camp

    16. October | Nuremberg

    Workshop with Gregor-Alexander Petri, Sales & Business Development

  • Salzburger Verkehrstage / Forum mobil

    15.-17. October | Salzburg

    On site: Anton Fitzthum, Sales & Business Development

  • ITS World Congress

    17.-21. September | Copenhagen

    Booth C2-010

    Session: Michael Kieslinger, SIS39 – Mobility as a Service – new business and service approaches, 17.15 – 18.45, Berlin (B4 M1-2)

  • InnoTrans 2018

    18.-21. September | Berlin

    Booth 414, Halle 4.1

    On site: Gregor-Alexander Petri, Sales & Business Development & Natalie Weber, Partner Manager

  • Impact mobility rEVolution

    12.-13. September | Katowice

    Michael Kieslinger,  Keynote: „Making Mobility-as-a-Service possible”, Track: Rethinking mobility – new means and business model;13.09.2018, 12:25 – 12:35; Stage: Main Stage


    Teilnehmer der moderierten Diskussion, „Open-data in transport: necessity or threat?”; Track: Urban mobility, 13.09.2018, 9:25 – 9:50; Stage: Main Stage

    ebenfalls vor Ort: Vlad Marica, Solution Consultant & Natalie Weber, Partner Manager

  • ITS Summit Australia

    28.-29. August | Sydney

    Presentation on site Anton Fitzthum, Sales & Business Development; 16.30-16.45, S9, conference room C2.2

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