FluidHub – the technical foundation in the MaaS ecosystem

Fluidtime’s customizable comprehensive platform supports MaaS operators in offering and managing their services. Furthermore, we empower the public authorities of cities and regions to better analyze and orchestrate the activities of service providers. Using the FluidHub platform technology you can extend MaaS throughout your city or region. FluidHub integrates and standardizes transportation products from public and private providers, and offers these products and their capacity to the market. It also enables the end user to view transportation availability, calculate intermodal routes, and book travel with transport service providers anonymously or with an existing account.

FluidHub offers you the following features:

  • Integration and Standardization layer for transport, booking and payment services.

  • Support of a wide range of interfaces and modalities.

  • Tailor-made configuration options, incl. on-demand traffic services, first/last mile solutions, and corporate mobility.

  • Monitoring of KPIs with regard to service quality

  • Detailed reporting on the demand for mobility services (modal split, time, location, duration etc.) for data-based regulation and orchestration of transport networks.

FluidHub supports all stakeholders in the MaaS ecosystem

  • Cities and Regions as regulatory service providers

    Giving power to city and regional authorities to manage the mobility ecosystem

  • Transport Service Providers

    Providing access to new markets and customer segments

  • Enabling Service Providers

    Combining transport supply with booking and payment services

  • MaaS operators

    Giving MaaS operators a platform to setup and operate their solutions.

  • Mobility Service Customers

    Enabling seamless everyday mobility, reducing private car ownership.

We turn Mobility-as-a-Service into reality for you

FluidHub and the MaaS ecosystem

Different companies and institutions such as public transport, start-ups or tourism companies can become MaaS operators. They develop MaaS solutions to respond to the demand of their target group. The FluidHub platform is used for simple, secure management and smooth operation of the apps.


Transport services from public and private providers as well as vehicles from company fleets are offered.


The transport offer is integrated and standardized via the FluidHub platform technology. This data is combined with routing, booking, payment and reporting functions.


The data of the transport services are made available to the different MaaS operators via a uniform API access


With FluidHub, cities and regions have access to live and historical data, feeds and reports to provide in-depth analysis of traffic supply and demand, as well as user habits in terms of modal split.


Based on the current traffic situation, public authorities can make strategic decisions that influence the development of the MaaS ecosystem. Any short- or long-term mobility measure is made measurable by the data generated in the MaaS platform and can be reanalyzed.

With Fluidtime’s platform technology, MaaS providers combine the demand of travelers with the integrated mobility offer of a city by creating a seamless data transfer between transport service providers and enabling service providers of routing or payment functions via FluidHub. The result is a local mobility marketplace that meets the expectations of both MaaS providers (central access to mobility offers, simplified contract processing) and transport service providers (greater visibility in the market).

You can also find more information in the FluidHub Brochure or use the selection to find out more about how MaaS operators or cities and regions can benefit from the FluidHub platform technology.