Fluidtime & Kapsch join forces.


Kapsch TrafficCom acquires company stakes of Fluidtime.
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Trade Shows & Symposia.

Events und Messen

  • 22.-23. March: MaaS Market, London
  • 19.-22. June: ITS European Congress, Strasbourg
  • 29. Oct. - 02. Nov.: ITS World Congress, Montréal

Integrated Mobility.

Intermodal IT-Solutions.

App in front of tram and bus

Fluidtime provides apps and server solutions for your integrated mobility platform.
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Fluidtime Results.

Fluidtime awards

With numerous projects in practice and research Fluidtime solutions are put in practice. Get inspired with the successful Fluidtime references. 


MobilityInfo Pioneers.

Fluidtime Büroansicht

As Austria’s leading provider of mobility information systems, Fluidtime has been developing and running user-friendly software solutions and mobile services since 2004.
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qando app in front of tram station

Since 2008 in Vienna, 2014 in Klagenfurt and 2015 in Salzburg, Graz and Linz: qando, the popular mobility app for public transport, is an Austrian model for success and made by Fluidtime.
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