Austrian Automobile, Motorbike and Touring Club (ÖAMTC) – Austria

Fluidtime has developed a new web route planner for Europe and North America for the Austrian Automobile, Motorbike and Touring Club (ÖAMTC). The new application opens up unprecedented possibilities for trip planning. In addition to traditional route planner functions, the ÖAMTC provides comprehensive traffic information in real time as well as detailed information on a variety of points of interest along the route.

The ÖAMTC and Fluidtime worked together in close cooperation to develop the concept for the new route planner. The existing applications “ÖAMTC Route Planner” and “ÖAMTC Maps” were merged and expanded with new features.


Austrian Automobile, Motorbike and Touring Club (ÖAMTC)


  • Route planning for Europe & North America
  • Points of interest display along the route
  • Real-time traffic information (Traffic jams, road closures, traffic flow, traffic forecasts, etc.)
  • Detailed points of interest categorisation (parking, refuelling, ÖAMTC service stations, travel & leisure, etc.)
  • Pre-planned trips for North America
  • Save and export functionalities

Time schedule

  • Project start: 2012
  • Live: June 2015
  • Day-to-day operation & development

Fluidtime Services

Fluidtime brought their expertise in interface and interaction design to the partnership, as it was essential to organise an extensive information bank intuitively and in a user-friendly manner. The technical implementation comprised the development of server components, the connection to existing ÖAMTC backend systems and the realisation of the new web interface. Fluidtime is also responsible for the app’s day-to-day operation.