The EU research project OPTIMUM is working on state-of-the-art IT-solutions to improve transit, freight transportation and traffic connectivity throughout Europe. OPTIMUM pursues to continuously monitor transport system needs by building scalable architecture to manage multi-source big data.

With customised applications, OPTIMUM aims to provide modern transport systems with proactive and problem-free mobility.Three pilot studies were integrated into the research project to test and revise the OPTIMUM solutions on different aspects in different EU cities.

Project partners

  • Adria Mobil (Slovenia)
  • Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (Austria)
  • Birmingham City Council (UK)
  • Infraestruturas de Portugal (Portugal)
  • Institute for the Development of New Technologies (Portugal)
  • Institute of Communications and Computer Systems (Greece)
  • INTRASOFT International SA (Belgium)
  • Jozef Stefan Institute (Slovenia)
  • Kapsch TrafficCom AG (Austria)
  • Ljubljana Public Transport (Slovenia)
  • Luis Simoes SA (Portugal)
  • Nissatech Innovation Centre (Serbia)
  • Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (Hungary)
  • TIS Transport, Innovation and Systems Consultancy (Portugal)
  • TREDIT SA Transport Consultants (Greece)
  • University of the Aegean (Greece)

OPTIMUM Objectives

To solve problems from the transportation sector, such as complex mobility environments, increasing CO2 emissions and high congestion levels, it is crucial to find state-of-the-art innovative solutions. The OPTIMUM solutions are focused on proactive solutions that should prevent problems beforehand. Among others, OPTIMUM objectives include following:

  • Benefit from big data-handling and analysing the transport ecosystem by means of a smart sensing system
  • Understanding of acquired data and short- and medium-term status prediction of transport networks
  • Proactive improvements of transport system quality and efficiency
  • Support of sustainable transportation behaviours


  • Intermodal route planning
  • Saving routes
  • Nearby information
  • Feedback function

Time schedule

  • Project duration: 36 months

Fluidtime Services

Fluidtime is responsible for the client development of the mobile and web applications and the app design. Fluidtime is also contributing to research activities concerning technical implementations, pilot studies and business development activities.