UbiGo – Stockholm, Sweden

The mobility App UbiGo combines public transport, car-sharing, rental car services and taxi to one intermodal on-demand mobility service. It is based on a flexible monthly subscription with an account that is shared among all members of a household, easy to top up and with the option to save what has not been used to the next month.

The Relaunch of UbiGo is based on the experiences gained within the very successful and thoroughly evaluated Go:Smart/UbiGo MaaS pilot project with 70 paying households in 2014 in Gothenburg.


UbiGo is a Swedish company founded as a result of the Go:Smart project. In 2014 it already introduced the first MaaS service in the city of Gothenburg to promote sustainable modes of transport.

Website: http://www.ubigo.se


  • User pay all bookings once a month, based on one invoice.
  • User can choose and combine different ways of mobility offered by multiple transport services, without extra subscriptions on single services
  • The app helps cities and regions to achieve their environmental objectives by reducing number of private cars (less congestion, higher sustainability, better CO2-results)

Project partners

  • City of Stockholm
  • urban public transport AB Storstockholms Lokaltrafik

Time schedule

The MaaS pilot will firstly be launched in Stockholm in March 2018. A full Roll-Out is scheduled by the end of 2018. Other cities in Sweden may follow.

Fluidtime services

The overall technical implementation of the mobility solution is designed by Fluidtime. Fluidtime uses a cloud-based data platform called FluidHub to manage the data transfer between transport service providers, the mobility application and customers.