WienMobil Lab – Vienna, Austria

Intermodal routes in Vienna can be planned, booked and paid for directly with the WienMobil Lab app, the new mobility application of Wiener Linien. In addition to launching this publicly available, free-to-use app, Wiener Linien are also studying the mobility behaviour of the Viennese and WienMobil Lab users together with other project partners. The aim of the study “MultiMo – Multimodal mobility behaviour of the WienMobil Lab users” is not only to study multimodal mobility behaviour in Vienna but also to aid the development of future mobility apps.

After smile and BeamBeta, WienMobil Lab is the third generation of an integrated mobility app. Feedback from the previous research projects has influenced the new mobility app WienMobil Lab. As of now, interested parties can test the WienMobil Lab app for free.


Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG


  • Intermodal route planning
  • Integration of public transport, car sharing, bike sharing, car, bike, taxi and parking garages
  • Pricing information taking into account existing season tickets and discounts
  • One-click-buy
  • Cashless payment
  • Widgets showing public transport departure times and means of transport available in the vicinity

Integrated transport service providers

  • Wiener Linien
  • car2go
  • DriveNow
  • Zipcar
  • CityBike
  • Taxi 31300/40100
  • Wipark

Go Live

  • Project period: October 2015 – April 2016
  • Live: 29 April 2016

Services Fluidtime

Fluidtime is the partner in charge of WienMobil Lab’s technical implementation. Fluidtime’s responsibilities include the development of algorithms for intermodal routes and pricing information, the expansion of the server component to add new mobility partners as well as client development and day-to-day operation. Based on the smile and BeamBeta projects, this is the third generation of integrated mobility services implemented.