Become active and participate as an ecosystem!

We want to learn from and work with real challenges in mobility projects. For this reason, we are focusing on concrete, real ecosystems at the 6th Fluidtime Maas Symposium. We are looking for regions, cities and neighbourhoods that are currently planning or changing their mobility offer. As well as those who are already in the process of realising MaaS solutions or have already implemented them. You have the opportunity to actively shape the next Fluidtime MaaS Symposium so that your region, city or neighbourhood is the centre of the workshops and discussions.

You and your ecosystem benefit from participation in different ways:

  1. Learn from best practice examples
  2. Build a network of mobility experts, stakeholders and other ecosystems
  3. Exchange ideas with key players in the mobility sector
  4. Enrich your knowledge around MaaS
  5. Get new ideas and insights from mobility experts from around the world who will support you during the workshops.

Are you part of an ecosystem such as a neighbourhood, city or region and would like to present your mobility project at the Fluidtime MaaS Symposium and discuss it with others? Then drop us a mail to get more details!

Want to know which ecosystems will be attending the 6th Fluidtime MaaS Symposium in Vienna? Click here to go to the event page where you will find an overview of the participating cities and regions.