Project TU Vienna

Who fits the role to implement MaaS?

Project team
Johannes Kharsa and Stefanie Leitner

At beginning of this project, every team got assigned an expert, a mobility ecosystem ambassador. We were defining this person vague as a representative, promoter and mediator for Mobility-as-a-Service in the supported region. But at an early stage we faced a number of challenges during the project. So we went back to the roots, questioned this definition critically and started to create a deeper understanding about the role of this actor.

Student statement on TU project

The multifaceted requirements must be met with an equally extensive profile.

The idea to base KPIs on the three pillars of sustainability (ecological, economical, social) is used to provide a balance between different sustainability factors. It is also intended to counter the main arguments (e.g. `not business- or eco-friendly`) against this form of cooperation.

Our aim was not just creating an idealization of a key person. Our claim was to make this position measurable.