Use our API

Fluidtime provides developers a full-fledged, open MaaS platform technology called FluidHub. As a standardization layer, FluidHub harmonizes data from multiple Transport Service Providers (TSPs), makes it available to Mobility Service Providers (MSPs), and thus enables smooth access to locally available transport offerings. The open APIs provide REST endpoints for MSPs to integrate the service into their ecosystem. The MSP API is intended for use by server-side services.

The MSP-API provides services for:

Information and Availability

  • Information about Mobility Service Providers (MSPs)
    such as name, logo, description (available in different languages), contact information (webpage, privacy policy, terms of services, e-mail, etc.), support, business area and so on.
  • Information about integrated Transport Service Providers (TSPs)
    such as name, logo, description (available in different languages), contact information, support, service locations (e.g. location of cars, bikes, rental stations), business area, …)
  • Locations in specified area or within specified radius
    service locations such as cars, bikes, public transport stops including charging and parking facilities
  • Location details
    depending on the type of the location car information, bike sharing station information or departure monitor data
  • Journey details
    information about specific route of a single vehicle including the stops, scheduled and estimate time of arrival and departure
Fluidtime_Developer Fluidtime__s_01-Info


  • Trip suggestions
    for A to B connection matching the filter criteria
  • Intermodal routes
    combining different travel modes and transport service providers
  • Filter and time constrain
    different filter and time constrains for finding the matching routing
  • Route results
    with polylines and detailed information on trip segments, associated products suitable for the respective trip segment (leg information)


  • Available products
    for the booking of rides, vehicles, tickets and parking products matching query parameters.
  • Perform booking of available TPS product
    different booking types are available
  • Booking management
    Receive list and booking details
  • Cancellation of Booking
    Perform a cancellation of an existing booking
Fluidtime_Developer Fluidtime__s_03-Booking


  • Aggregated data from postings
    within certain intervals
  • Filter by TSPs
    Individual booking statistics for specific transport services
  • Time-dependent aggregation
    For the visualization of different time scales, e.g. minutes, hours, day, week, months or years.


For more information and access to FluidHub or the APIs for front-end client integration, please contact