FluidHub is the platform technology for building MaaS offerings in cities and regions. With FluidHub, mobility providers receive a comprehensive toolset for the development and operation of their intermodal mobility apps. Public authorities use FluidHub to orchestrate their B2B MaaS ecosystem.

Our platform technology supports:

Mobility Service Providers

App providers use the FluidHub platform technology to setup an intelligent mobility platform. With FluidHub, they can manage bookings, payments, and further billing of their intermodal mobility apps and ensure their ongoing operation.

Cities and Regions

For public authorities, FluidHub is a tool for establishing and actively controlling an efficient MaaS ecosystem in their city or region. With FluidHub they regulate the mobility market, improve the exchange of transport services and develop measures for achieving the mobility, economic or social goals of the city.

With our platform technology you provide your users with seamless mobility at any time.


A simple menu provides an overview.


Your personalized overview of bookings, transactions, and workloads.


App users can find, book and pay the ideal way from A to B. You decide which routes and means of transport are preferred.


With the search function you can see which means of transport are available in your city.

FluidHub is applicable worldwide

The integration of transport or infrastructure providers is simple. All relevant points of interest (stops, available car sharing vehicles, charging stations or parking lots) in your city can be recorded, managed and combined with the FluidHub platform technology. Within days, your MaaS solution is fully functional and available to end users.

customers who already rely on Fluidtime

Through the cooperation with Fluidtime, we now have the chance to prove how to run a sustainable MaaS-business.

Hans ArbyUbiGo Innovation CEOUbiGo

In the region of Helsinki, we are delighted to implement the first Finnish ‘mobility as a service’-pilot project in cooperation with the local transport consultant Sito – powered by the platform technology FluidHub. Together we will facilitate new and more cost-efficient mobility solutions for Finnish cities and their inhabitants.

Olivier BonfilsHelsinki Business HubHelsinki Business Hub

Get to know Fluidtime:

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