Disbus2 – Berlin-Brandenburg/ Hamburg/ Hannover, Germany

The passenger information web application DISBUS comprises a route search to solve the first/last mile problem with the addition of the existing transport providers (public transport, carsharing, bikesharing and taxi), information on transport services in the area as well as a departure and arrival monitor for local public transport and bus terminal.


Research project of Fluidtime together with the EUREKA secretariat and FFG


The aim of the research project was the optimization of long-distance bus terminals by means of a terminal slot management and information system, which was connected to the web application by Fluidtime. The web application DISBUS accesses the FluidHub technology to provide the following information to the passengers of the bus terminals:

  • Departure and arrival monitor
  • route search
  • Display of important points in the vicinity, such as public transport stops, taxi stands, bikesharing stations and carsharing (with and without fixed rental stations)

Furthermore, the GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) and GTFS-RT (General Transit Feed Specification Real Time) data processor were integrated for DISBUS and a data transfer interface was set up with the project partners.

Project partners

Project partner

  • BLIC Beratungsgesellschaft für Leit-, Informations- und Computertechnik
  • CHAPS spol. s r.o.
  • TH Wildau

Time schedule

The project period lasted from 10.02.2016 – 31.12.2018

Fluidtime services

Fluidtime was responsible for the technical conception of the system architecture for DISBUS, the UX design and design adaptations to improve accessibility, testing procedures, the development of the web client and server components as well as the connection of the required interfaces. Fluidtime also carried out product reviews and market analyses in order to be able to react to changes in the market.