Fluidtime goes new ways: Successful management buy-out of Kapsch TrafficCom

With the repurchase of all shares from Kapsch TrafficCom, the internationally active IT company Fluidtime is taking its strategic focus on mobility companies and growth plans in the mobility market into its own hands. Fluidtime and the previous main owner will remain connected through a sales partnership in the future.

In the course of a management buyout (MBO), Michael Kieslinger, CEO and founder of Fluidtime, acquired all company shares from Kapsch TrafficCom. The company has held 75.5 percent of the portfolio since the end of 2016. “I am delighted that I can once again drive forward the strategic development of my company, which I founded myself in Vienna over 15 years ago. Through the management buyout, we now have the opportunity to position ourselves even more flexibly in the market for smart mobility solutions”. Fluidtime has been successfully active in the future market Mobility as a Service (MaaS) for several years. The company was last commissioned by an established Dutch car importer and bicycle manufacturer in June 2020 to implement a national MaaS service. Also trusted since the end of 2019 GOLDBECK, Germany’s largest family-owned construction company, on the mobility solutions from Fluidtime.

Strategic partnership with Kapsch TrafficCom to be maintained

Due to the involvement of Kapsch TrafficCom, Fluidtime has developed from a project supplier to a product house over the past years. The cooperation was very valuable for both sides. In the future, both companies will pursue their own strategies; joint customers will be serviced by a sales partnership. This enables Fluidtime and Kapsch to continue to offer innovative MaaS solutions in combination with traffic management solutions.

Investor talks concluded

In recent months, Fluidtime’s managing director has held intensive talks with interested parties who want to invest in his company and the rapidly growing MaaS market. “Individual mobility is in a state of radical change. Insurance companies, car manufacturers, parking garage operators and automobile clubs are currently looking closely at their future role in the ecosystem and recognizing that Mobility as a Service will also play a key role in their core business,” Kieslinger continues. “Strengthened by a new partner, we will address the B2B sector even more comprehensively with our MaaS technologies.” In autumn 2020, Fluidtime successfully concluded negotiations with investors.

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