The MaaS Ecosystem Canvas

The success of Mobility as a Service in cities and regions requires cooperation between different stakeholders in the mobility ecosystem. Each stakeholder has a specific role in the creation and implementation of MaaS solutions. At the same time, it pursues its own interests and has expectations of cooperation in the ecosystem. You can determine these with the “MaaS Ecosystem Canvas”.

Stakeholders in the MaaS ecosystem:

  • MaaS Providers

    A company or institution that owns a MaaS platform or provides a MaaS solution to the end user.

  • Transport Service Providers

    The operators of the private or public physical transport service such as public transport, car sharing, demand responsive transport, but also parking operators. They are considered the most important players in the field of MaaS.

  • Public Authority

    The city, state or public transport authority responsible for transport in a city or region.

  • End users

    A group of individuals who are given access to new types of mobility via a MaaS solution and are to use them as a replacement for the private car, e.g. the entire population, families, employees of a company, tourists or commuters.

What is a MaaS Ecosystem Canvas?

The mobility offer in cities and regions is highly fragmented. Almost every operator offers its own isolated solution for mobility, pursues its own goal, but has to face the same challenges as its competitors:

  • How do you get people to replace private car journeys with mobility alternatives?
  • How do you attract new users?
  • How do you reduce the high barriers to entry in the mobility market and costs for the integration of services?

The MaaS Ecosystem Canvas from Fluidtime is a guide for companies, cities and regions for every phase in the creation of a MaaS solution. The canvas also outlines a framework in which all actors involved can visualize their ecosystem and highlight its strengths and weaknesses. The canvas for MaaS ecosystems was developed by Fluidtime and will be used for the first time on concrete cases from autumn 2020.

You want to use the MaaS Ecosystem Canvas?

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