Ultimately, freedom and flexibility come from the wide selection.

Rieke Dibbern, Business Analyst & Pricing Manager at MOIA, talks to Fluidtime about passenger safety, the benefits of ridepooling and her own career.

Fluidtime: The past year has shown us how important it is to protect everyone’s health. Especially in local transport, this protection must be guaranteed. How can MOIA guarantee the health of its participants?

Dibbern: We have adapted our vehicles and processes at the depot. We also reduced the maximum number of passengers in the vehicle to ensure the safety on board. There is a protective screen between drivers and customers in the vehicle.

” The drivers are regularly tested for Corona and there are also safety measures in the depot.”

Currently, only 4 of the 6 seats in the vehicle can be booked (exception: group rides) , so contacts are reduced. Of course, customers are also required to wear masks.

Fluidtime: For many people, mobility means freedom – the freedom to move anywhere, at any time. Can models like MOIA maintain people’s mobility without restricting their freedom and flexibility?

Dibbern: Yes, Ridepooling is an important addition in this field. As a customer, I can decide whether to book a comfortable pooling ride or perhaps choose the bus with a little more time and a smaller budget. If I’m in a hurry and willing to spend a little more money, I can take a taxi. Or an even different means of transport. Ultimately, freedom and flexibility come from the wide selection and this requires a wide range of different forms of mobility that are geared to people’s heterogeneous needs.

Fluidtime: Your professional path began in the banking sector. How did you come to switch to the field of sustainable mobility? Was this always your goal or did it come about spontaneously in your career?

Rather spontaneously. I was previously working in the field of science and looking for a more dynamic context in which to engage with relevant and interesting issues. That’s how I got into mobility – Ridepooling in particular.


Rieke Dibbern is Pricing Manager & Business Analyst at the ridesharing provider MOIA. She has gained experience in various fields during her career and brings all that knowledge to bear in her commitment to MaaS concepts. Her focus is on the continuous optimisation of Ridepooling-offers and the protection of all participants involved – the drivers as well as the customers.

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