Fluidtime has signed the MaaS manifesto

Fluidtime drives MaaS forward together with international interest groups. With seven principles, the idea of a new mobility paradigm is represented.

A MaaS ecosystem with cooperating stakeholders at all levels, believing that MaaS has the potential to offer simple, reliable, flexible, seamless and affordable door-to-door travel that meets all lifestyle requirements, and that MaaS can provide new distribution channels and revenue growth opportunities for all stakeholders in the ecosystem – these are just three of seven principles of the MaaS manifesto Fluidtime recently signed. The MaaS Manifesto is an initiative of MaaS Catalonia ith the primary goal of promoting Mobility as a Service in Catalonia and other European cities and regions. As an enabler of MaaS, Fluidtime is proud to be one of the supporters of this initiative, which is finding more and more signatories every week. Follow our example and become a supporter of the MaaS Manifesto yourself.

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