wannda: the new public transport app for Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland

Vienna’s first private mobility service provider GOLDBECK Parking offers with “wannda” a reliable app for route planning in public transport, for walking or cycling. The app was implemented by Fluidtime on behalf of GOLDBECK Parking in just a few weeks to make planning public transport trips in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland easier.

Whether by subway, S-Bahn, bus or streetcar – with “wannda”, the new public transport app for Vienna, planning routes becomes simple. Residents, commuters and tourists benefit from an intelligent search function, reliable route results and exact departure times based on real-time data. The Fluidtime team has worked intensively with our client GOLDBECK Parking on a new app that combines intelligent technology with high usability and simple design. wannda relies on the Open Data of the City of Vienna for its routes.

“With wannda we want to make a present to the Viennese. No other company is better suited for this than the one that developed qando over 10 years ago”.

wannda at a glance

wannda will become a permanent companion in public transport for people from Vienna, Lower Austria or Burgenland, helping them to reach their destination faster and smarter. The app will be successively expanded with additional travel-related functions. Which ones these are can be influenced by the community via the feedback function within the app.

The key functions:

  • Nearby: The map determines the distance to the surrounding stops based on the location. The map also shows all the surrounding GOLDBECK multi-storey parking lots in Vienna, where users can leave their car and drive on publicly. The own location can be selected as starting point for the route planning.
  • Monitor: The monitor shows a timetable of all means of transport at a selected station, with real-time departures. Incidents and other delays are taken into account, the route planning is adjusted accordingly and scheduled. The monitor display can be sorted by public transport lines or departure times.
  • Route planner: The route search is done with a concrete address or from/to a nearby location. It is possible to filter the route for specific modalities – public transport, car, bicycle, walking – and sort by departure or arrival time.

wannda is available for free download for Android and iOS.

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