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Fluidtime MaaS Symposium 2020

Mastering the balance between collaboration and competition

Mastering the balance between collaboration and competition

10. September 2020

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Talks and panel discussions with international experts

In each session, we bring top international experts and mobility professionals from leading organisations onto the stage. Profit from their knowledge and be inspired to new ideas.

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Workshops based on MaaS ecosystems

Get to know MaaS from different perspectives. From the countryside in Scotland to the urban metropolis in Mexico, take advantage of the versatility of MaaS.

Reasons for your participation in the Fluidtime Symposium 2020

Exchange as equals

The Fluidtime MaaS Symposium is valued for its intimate atmosphere for years. Take the time for exchange with outstanding speakers and other international participants. We support you in making contacts and make sure that you feel comfortable.

Experience MaaS experts at first hand

International opinion leaders and open-minded thinkers will share their knowledge on stage and in the workshops. Learn more than just market forecasts and take the opportunity to ask your questions.

Join the MaaS community

Learn about numerous MaaS ecosystems from around the world. Use the workshops to learn first-hand what a MaaS ecosystem of real cities and regions should look like.

Speaker of the Fluidtime MaaS Symposium 2020

Speaker-Rex-Deighton-Smith-Fluidtime-Symposium 2020

Rex Deighton-Smith

Regulatory specialist | Intelligent Transport Forum at the OECD

Anne Faber

IT Project Coordinator | RWTH Aachen University

Karina Licea Vinas - Speaker-Fluidtime Symposium 2020

Karina Licea Viñas

Public Policy Affairs | DEZBA

Georg Wagner

Founder and CEO | Spirit Design – Innovation und Brand GmbH

Katharina-Rogenhofer-Speaker-Fluidtime Symposium

Katharina Rogenhofer

Project leader | Climate Referendum Austria

Eric Mink

MaaS Programm Manager | Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Alexander Chulok

Director of the S&T Foresight Centre | Institute for Statistical Studies and Knowledge Economy of the HSE University Moscow

Silvia Kaupa-Götzl

CEO | ÖBB Postbus GmbH

Lukas Ertl-Speaker-Fluidtime-Symposium

Lukas Ertl

Head of Special Projects | Organization for International Economic Relations (OiER)

Isabelle-Vandoorne-Speaker-Fluidtime Symposium 2020

Isabelle Vandoorne

Deputy Head of Unit Sustainable and Intelligent Transport | DG Move of the European Commission


Join us and get to know MaaS on the basis of your desired ecosystem.

With your registration you have the unique opportunity to develop MaaS concepts and ideas based on different international cities and regions. Whether rural regions in the Netherlands, small towns in Switzerland or urban metropolises such as Paris or Vienna – you decide in each session which ecosystem you want to get to know better. A MaaS Ambassador supports each group as an expert. He or she provides insights into the respective city or region for which solutions need to be designed. The overview shows which ecosystems the participants can get to know better. The number of cities and regions is continuously adjusted.

Nicoletta will present Malta as MaaS Ambassador at the Fluidtime Symposium and will support you in developing innovative ideas and concepts.


Nicoletta Moss | Project Manager Future Mobility Solutions | Debono Group

MaaS Ambassador of the ecosystem Malta

“With the development of MaaS, the mobility market and the distribution of roles will be changed permanently. This poses new challenges for public authorities when it comes to securing public goals and interests.”You will discuss what these are together with Jacky in the workshops.

Jacky Lodewijks | Senior Advisor | Forseti

MaaS Ambassador of the Dutch ecosystem

“In all its various implementations around the world, MaaS represents a key factor for sustainable urban mobility of the future. Explore with Claudiu what the digital infrastructure looks like and how to create a better mobility experience for the user.

Claudiu-MaaS-Ambassador-Fluidtime Symposium2020

Claudiu Campean | Founder & CEO | Mobility Dev Center

MaaS Ambassador of the ecosystem Romania

Get to know the ecosystem of Vorarlberg more closely and develop ideas and concepts for rural MaaS with a focus on employee mobility together with Volker.


Volker Amann

MaaS Ambassador of the ecosystem Vorarlberg | Austria

Learn more about the innovations from the Upper Austrian ecosystem and collect new ideas together for the visualisation of a digital map of the mobility players.

Melanie Juppe-Ambassador-Fluidtime Symposium 2020

Melanie Juppe | MobiLab OÖ

MaaS Ambassador of the ecosystem Upper Austria

Arnd will support the Swiss delegation in developing ideas and concepts for intelligent mobility solutions tailored to the needs and mobility behaviour of the Swiss.


Arnd Bätzner | Board of Directors | Mobility Cooperative

MaaS Ambassador of the ecosystem Bern, Switzerland

“To make MaaS projects more efficient, we need to convince people that it is in their best interest to use MaaS. We therefore need to work closely with user groups in the projects, they need incentives and they need an ambitious marketing plan!” Meet Laurent and learn in the workshops how MaaS works in France.

Laurent Chevereau | Study Director “Mobility Service – MaaS” | CEREMA

MaaS Ambassador of the French ecosystem

Want to know more?

“With MaaS we have the chance to design an environmentally friendly and inclusive overall transport system together with local authorities, regions and countries.” Get to know Lina and the Viennese ecosystem in the workshops and learn how MaaS is already being implemented in Vienna.

Lina Mosshammer

MaaS Ambassador of the ecosystem Vienna | Austria

Work together with the Torino Piemonte Ecosystem in the workshops to find out what an open MaaS ecosystem for a more sustainable future in the region may look like and what benefits it can bring to users, businesses, society and the environment.

Matteo Ambassador ecosystem Italia Fluidtime Symposium 2020

Matteo Antoniola | Business Strategy Manager | 5T SRL

MaaS Ambassador of the ecosystem Torino Piemonte

Marcin will introduce you to the 41 cities and municipalities of the Upper Silesia Zagłębie metropolis and their mobility projects, and you will be able to work out solutions together in the workshops based on their model regions.

Marcin Domanski-Ambassador-Fluidtime Symposium 2020

Marcin Domański | Project Manager | Metropolis GZM

MaaS Ambassador of the ecosystem Poland

“In Scotland, the rural economy is important for residents, visitors and economic growth, so MaaS offers a great opportunity. But does it face the same challenges as the urban economy?” Discuss with Jenny from the Scottish ecosystem to current pilot projects and design solutions for rural MaaS.

Jenny Milne | Researcher on Rural MaaS and owner of JLM

MaaS Ambassador of the Scottish ecosystem

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MaaS Alliance

The Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Alliance is a public-private partnership creating the foundations for a common approach to MaaS, unlocking the economies of scale needed for successful implementation and take-up of MaaS in Europe and beyond. The main goal is to facilitate a single, open market and full deployment of MaaS services. Find more details here https://maas-alliance.eu.



As Austria´s most important environmental expert organisation and one of Europe´s leading environmental consultants we stand for a transformation of the economy and society to ensure sustainable living. Experts provide the basis for decision making at local, regional and international level. Umweltbundesamt is committed to transparency and impartiality in its work and engages in dialogue with politics, administration, business, science and civil society. Find more details here: https://www.umweltbundesamt.at.


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Stefanie Pichler

Event Management/ Speaker Liaison

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Gregor-Alexander Petri

Mobility Ecosystem Manager


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