With DOMINO OÖ, commuters in the Linz metropolitan area are given access to mobility alternatives and a ride-sharing service to reduce the number of trips they make in private cars.

    In Upper Austria, we have created a collaborative network with stakeholders and their multimodal services. The result is the MaaS app DOMINO OÖ, which promotes shared journeys for commuters and enables the planning of intermodal routes in the industrial region.

    Make commuting to work more CO2-friendly and efficient.

    Upper Austria has established a MaaS ecosystem to meet the needs of cities and regions as well as the mobility and climate goals of the public sector. Using a data platform and a MaaS app will encourage the shift to collective mobility alternatives.

    About the region

    With a population of around 1.5 million, Upper Austria is the most economically dynamic industrial region in Austria. Around 25% of Austria’s industrial production and exports come from here. The capital Linz is home to large companies such as voestalpine, Borealis and City Harbor. For this reason, the city of Linz is confronted daily with traffic jams caused by around 106,000 commuters from the surrounding regions. Most of them use their private cars for daily travel. Local governments face significant challenges in trying to shift traffic to more environmentally friendly forms of mobility.

    Project goals

    • Integration of mobility services in rural areas (micro-public transport, ridesharing, DRT, etc.).
    • Regulatory instruments for analyzing mobility behavior and creating incentive systems
    • Introduce a multi-stakeholder ridesharing pool to match supply and demand for shared rides
    • Data-driven mobility measures to increase efficiency and solve urban transportation and environmental problems

    Potential Growth

    • Mobility guarantee for commuters who can travel to and from work without their private car
    • Expand to a national level to include more communities, cities, and businesses in the ecosystem

    With the technical support of Fluidtime, the province of Upper Austria has created a digital mobility service to solve regional traffic problems.

    The ecosystem of Upper Austria

    The way citizens and commuters travel in Linz and neighboring industrial areas today is set to change. For this to succeed, strong collaboration within the mobility ecosystem is needed. The key stakeholders are public authorities (regulatory service providers), transport service providers, and mobility service providers with their MaaS solutions offering public and private mobility services.


    Transport Service Providers require an interface to other services, to gain more visibility and additional sales channels.


    Mobility Service Providers demand a platform for the distribution and integration of transport offers.


    Citizens need mobility alternatives to the private car. They need to be stimulated by incentives to change mobility habits.


    The city’s public authority requires a MaaS data platform supporting both public and private collective transport providers.


    The city of Linz wants to gain Insight into mobility habits (frequent routes, popular times, modal split).

    Public Authority

    • Upper Austria
    • City of Linz
    • local communities
    • municipalities


    • FH Upper Austria / mobilab
    • ÖAMTC
    • VAOÖ

    Mobility Service Provider

    • Fluidtime

    Transport Service Providers

    • Public transport: Linz AG
    • Carsharing: MühlFerdl
    • Ridesharing : DOMINO OÖ Ridesharing

    A data platform for companies and communities was established

    Participating companies and communities access a common data portal to obtain information on travelers’ mobility behavior. The platform offers the following advantages:

    • Gaining insights into the offers in this area
    • Understanding the shift in the occupancy rate of private cars
    • Planning incentives for employees or citizens to drive less in their own cars

    The DOMINO OÖ app provides a route planner including a ride-sharing service for the commute to work.

    The DOMINO OÖ app is an important component in the research project to combine transport offers smartly and thus to connect individual transport with public transport. The Maas app offers an intermodal route planner for public transport, sharing services, and park-and-ride and bike-and-ride services. In addition, there is a newly developed core function with “DOMINO OÖ Ridesharing”. This is used to organize rides with colleagues or others who commute on the same route. Journeys can be created directly in the app. The app is operated by Fluidtime. More information about the app’s features is available at www.domino-ooe.at or in the App Store.

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    Fluidtime enables the actors of the Upper Austria ecosystem to transform mobility on the way to work.

    Business and travel related functions

    Fluidtime’s technology forms the basis for the stakeholder data platform and the Maas app DOMINO OÖ

    Single sign-on

    for all mobility options

    User Management

    onboarding, user groups


    tailored reports and data exports, custom origin/destination reports


    real-time data and information


    intermodal travels

    Easy booking

    Book rides directly in the app

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