Goldbeck Parking and Fluidtime transform car parks into mobility hubs.

    The company Goldbeck Parking was looking for a partner to accompany their transformation process. and jointly reinterpret the understanding of living space. They chose Fluidtime – find out why here.

    With the Goldbeck app , residents of smart neighborhoods get access to mobility services. An incentive system rewards local activities to strengthen the community.

    Goldbeck has started to create mobility hubs in newly developing residential areas. The Goldbeck App provides easy access to shared mobility as well as public transit. So far it has done this in two locations in Vienna leaving ample room for growth in its existing footprint of parking structures.

    About Goldbeck Parking

    Founded in 1969, Goldbeck is Germany’s largest family-owned construction company with more than 7000 employees at 70 locations. Its 100% subsidiary Goldbeck Parking Services manages 136 parking properties in Germany and Austria with approximately 72,000 parking spaces. Last year it grew revenues to €23.5m (+46% yoy).

    Objectives of Goldbeck

    • Transform car parks into mobility hubs
    • Change mobility habits
    • Foster local businesses and communities

    Potential Growth

    • Fostering a dense network of local services (transport providers, partner companies for “mobility points”)
    • Roll-out of app in further residential areas

    Goldbeck Parking Vision

    „In the complex traffic network of our cities, car parks are increasingly being transformed into mobility centers. Offers from external service providers are becoming more important, and new technologies are being integrated into existing structures. These are developments in which we will once again lead the way.“

    Sharing beyond mobility with the Goldbeck App

    The Goldbeck App simplifies daily live and travels within a city. Various transport offers are waiting to be booked. Additionally, communities strengthen themselves by sharing goods such as tools, common areas and shopping trolleys within the neighborhood that are booked with the Goldbeck App.

    • Access to shared mobility
    • Access to shared infrastructure

    Support local economy and incentivise green mobility behavior

    Collect mobility points while shopping locally. For each consumption at stores nearby you receive a fixed amount of credits on your mobility account that you can redeem for the booking of various mobility alternatives such as bikesharing, carsharing or e scooter sharing.

    What users say…

    It’s simple. It’s mobility as part of my rent and no need to own a car anymore.”

    “The best part: I can redeem points for my trips together with my kids to the countryside with a rental car on the weekend.”

    “No matter whether I prefer to be sporty by bikesharing or more comfortable by metro – it is easy and seamless.”

    Business and travel related functions

    Fluidtime’s technology forms the foundation of the Goldbeck app.

    Single sign-on

    for all mobility options

    Incentives and Loyalty

    point-based bonus program

    User Management

    onboarding, user groups

    Payment and Billing

    integration with back-office


    tailored reports and data exports


    Payment with cash and mobility points


    real-time data and information


    Multi modal travels

    Easy booking

    paying within the app

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