• UbiGo and Fluidtime giving households in Stockholm and Gothenburg autonomy from private cars.

    The MaaS solution UbiGo allows to consume a city’s entire shared and public mobility offering with a mobility subscription.

UbiGo and Fluidtime giving households in Stockholm and Gothenburg autonomy from private cars.

The MaaS app UbiGo enables residents in Sweden to consume all available public and private mobility in a city via mobility subscription.

The MaaS project UbiGo became the starting point for the new mobility paradigm that is becoming a reality in cities and regions around the world.

The mobility app UbiGo combines public transport, car sharing, rental car services and taxi in one app. The MaaS service is based on a flexible monthly subscription with an account shared by all members of a household. Every end user searches and books routes via the app. For the payment the customer chooses a mobility subscription that is linked to a mobility account, e.g. of the family. The company has started operations in Stockholm in 2019. Within the first year of operation, it demonstrated the feasibility of bundling mobility options into packages. Offering these via subscriptions has proven to be crucial for user acceptance.

UbiGo recently expanded its commercial offering to Gothenburg, which was previously a pilot installation. Together with Via-ID, the company plans to expand to other cities and countries.

About UbiGo

UbiGo is the world’s first MaaS app with Level 3 integration of transport services. Hans Arby, CEO and founder of UbiGo, is an internationally recognized MaaS pioneer. After the successful pilot project in Gothenburg in 2013, the commercial MaaS application was launched in Stockholmin 2018. With more than 2 million inhabitants, the market potential for UbiGo is estimated at 30% of the 250,000 households and families in Stockholm. The mobility accelerator Via-ID has been the majority shareholder of UbiGo since 2019 with the vision to spread the MaaS experience of UbiGo worldwide.

Objectives of UbiGo

Development and implementation of ticketing systems for public transport.

Potential Growth

  • Grow local transport network
  • Expand activities globally

“Through the cooperation with Fluidtime, we have the chance to prove how to run a sustainable MaaS-business globally.”
Hans Arby, CEO and founder UbiGo

Service packages catering the various needs of the customers

Subscriptions for public transport, carsharing and car rental reduce the need for a private car. Every month, the credit balance of the subscriptions is increased according to personal preferences. Any remaining balance is credited to the following month. The holder of a mobility account receives a monthly invoice for all mobility services consumed.

ubigo app-successstory_feature package

Share accounts with family or team members and simplify the access to and payment of mobility.

Subscriptions can be shared with other members of UbiGo, within the family, among colleagues or friends. For the booking of each mobility option an own or a shared account can be used. Accounts can be limited to booking certain means of transport, e.g. no taxi rides for children, only car rental for employees.

What users say…

“The possibility to rent a car for a great weekend-price that I can pick up and drop off at any Hertz-station makes UbiGo the best option for me.”

“It’s really a relief to not have to own a car and not deal with things like service, maintenance, unexpected repair costs, parking rental, gas costs, and congestion taxes.”

“We already own a car, but instead of leasing or getting a second one we use UbiGo.”

The ecosystem of UbiGo

MaaS only works in open environments and ecosystems requiring collaboration and partnerships. As part of the ecosystem, Fluidtime fosters cooperation between all partners involved to ensure a successful transition to smart mobility.

Mobility Service Provider

  • UbiGo

Supporting partner

  • City of Stockholm

Transport Service Providers

  • Public transport: SL, Västrafik
  • Carsharing: greenmotion
  • Car rental: Hertz
  • Taxi: Cabonline
  • Parking: Parkering Goteborg

Enabling Service Provider

  • Router: Google Directions, HaCon
  • Billing: Zoho Suite

Business and travel related functions

Fluidtime’s technology forms the basis of the UbiGo app.

Single sign-on

for all mobility options

User Management

FluidHub stand-alone back-office including On-Boarding with user verification, user groups, news and info etc.


tailored reports and data exports

Payment and Billing

integrated billing solution and monthly bills sent to end users


account-based billing, subscriptions and packages. Account sharing enabled across the user base.


real-time data and information


Multi modal travels

Easy booking

paying within the app

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