MaaS Symposium 2020 Report: These were the highlights and topics of this year’s online event.

Read in the Symposium 2020 Report who took the virtual stage of the Fluidtime MaaS Symposium this year. For the fifth time in a row, Fluidtime invited opinion leaders in international transport and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) experts to discuss the current status of MaaS in September 2020. This year, for the first time ever, the symposium took place in a virtual format. More than 200 people from 11 countries took part and dedicated a day to this year’s theme: “How to master the balancing act between collaboration and competition”.

To review the highlights of the first virtual event, Fluidtime and Arthur D. Littlehave created the Symposium 2020 Report. It includes the most important statements of the speakers Anne Faber, Francois-Joseph Van Audenhove and Alexander Chulok as well as the other participants of the panel discussions per session. You can read and download the complete report directly here.

The planning for next year has already begun. The 6th Fluidtime MaaS Symposium will take place in September 2021 in Vienna. If you want to know the exact date first, sign up for the newsletter or check the event page regularly.

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